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github: percentcer
linkedin: spencer-miller
phone: 610-715-4470

Education - BSE Computer Science (Digital Media Design) @ Penn

DreamWorks Animation
Technical Director
Apr 2010 – Now
- Wrote and maintained MongoDB-backed Qt application for managing deliveries to and from third part effects houses (Python)
- Wrote parser for Massive's brain definition file (Python, using LEX/YACC). Incomplete, got moved on to:
- Frontend developer for in-house lighting tool (C++, Qt)
- Integrated Adobe AfterEffects with the studio pipeline (JavaScript, Python/CherryPy)

Curious Pictures
Lead Developer
Aug 2009 – Feb 2010
Wrote the gameplay and graphics engine for TallBikeJoust, an iPhone game (Objective-C, OpenGL) App Store link

Owner, Lead Dev
Feb 2009 – Aug 2009
Fun side project with some friends, created iBubbe, the premiere virtual Jewish grandmother for the iOS. Mostly an excuse to learn how to develop for the iPhone. App Store link