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Sprout (2008)

Sprout was an independent study project and my first foray into game development.

In Sprout, you control the genetic growth of a plant strain. You must strike a balance between defensive upgrades and reproductive upgrades to ensure the survival of your plant. Every day, your plants produce energy. Every night, waves of mice, birds, and caterpillars come to devour your plants.

Sprout was developed for the Nintendo DS. It was written in C++ using the PALib API for interacting with the DS hardware.

The demo contains five pre-made trial strains. The full version will allow the user to upgrade the five strains using any combination of three traits (out of twenty five total traits)! The left and right shoulder buttons change the currently selected sprout, and to plant new sprouts just click on the icon of the sprout to switch to 'planting mode'.

sprout.nds (Requires an emulator to run, I recommend nocash)

sprout.zip (Requires PALib and devkitpro to compile. Installation instructions for each can be found here)

Uses the PALib API